Happy Healthy Patients!

Dr. Pitcher
Thank you for working on my teeth. It doesn’t hurt at all anymore.Kevin M.

Dr. Marci Pitcher
Thank you for taking time out of your busy New Year schedule to see Patrick and take care of his tooth. We feel blessed to have such a good dentist. I feel safe bringing Patrick to you. He was very excited about the tooth fairy. Thank you again.Carol S.

Dr. Pitcher and Staff
Thank you so much for your time and patience! Kayleigh is so very proud of her front teeth! She says now “look no more sharp teeth”. You and your staff are one in a million!Pam and Kayleigh S.

Thank you for your great service throughout all these years. 30 years!Lynnn S.

Dr. Pitcher, Dr. Rosen, and Staff
A huge thank you to you all for many years of wonderful dental care. AJ and Cam have nothing but fond memories of their dental experiences as young kids! Unfortunately, time marches on and they have out grown the pediatric dentist. Thanks for all your experience and advice during their youth.Sue and John L.

Thank you to Dr. Rosen and all of the staff. Your handling of our 2 year old Maggie’s many fillings was incredible. You were kind to me in the waiting room as I worried. You complimented my daughter after and when Dr. Rosen carried her out, it just touched my heart. At 2, Maggie talks of Dr. Rosen as her friend.Rod and Beth S.

Dr. Pitcher
We left your office about 12 hours ago and I still cannot get you out of my mind. I spent many hours worrying about Quinn’s tooth extraction and praying that it would be far less traumatic than his initial experience elsewhere trying to get a large cavity taken care of. Now I cannot sleep because I am just so ecstatic at how positive our experience was with you today.

I know you have children of your own so I know that you can understand it when I say that my sun rises and sets around my children. The last thing I want is to see them in pain and be able to do nothing about it. You were so reassuring that you would do anything to make Quinn more comfortable. …and you did!

Though the day began with a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach it ended with a wonderful feeling in my heart. You may not even be aware of it, but when you picked Quinn up to carry him into the exam room for his extraction I was absolutely overcome with emotion. To watch someone else treat my child with the love that I do was overwhelming. I knew then that he was in the best hands.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for so many things. For answering our silly questions! For explaining things and patiently re explaining them! For taking care of Quinn’s “sick tooth!” But most importantly, for treating Quinn with the love and care that you would show your own children. For this, we are so very grateful.Kristen A.

Dr. Rosen
A sincere and heartfelt thank you for so quickly and compassionately taking care of our grandson Keagan C. We were so upset regarding his “accident” and did not know where to turn. Thank goodness one of my relatives suggested your office. I cannot say enough about the tremendous office and staff! We are extremely grateful and wanted you to know.Patricia A.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support. I count myself as lucky for having a group of people who care for me.Rachall D.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Pitcher
I have decided to transfer Nicole to a general dentist. She is now an adult and has been in your practice since infancy. I truly appreciate your service and your place has always been friendly and warm. My two children, now adults will not forget your cool toys, fun games, colorful wall decorations, and many other creative stuff. I have seen no other dental offices like yours.Patty K.

Dr. Rosen and Staff
Thank you so much for making my sons dental procedure such a wonderful experience. I was very touched by the understanding and kindness of the woman orchestrating a very busy office; she went out of her way to comfort me. You and your staff were amazing while I was an emotional wreck the in the waiting area. My son handled the experience much better than I did! I have never felt so secure and trusting as I did when I brought my son to you. I felt like he could not have been in better hands.Niko and Kaelim W.

Thank you so much for the excellent cosmetic result you achieved on Stephen’s front tooth! I can finally enjoy his smile again without distractions. Can’t thank you enough!Local Pediatrician

Dr. Pitcher
Thank you so kindly for filing out Chris’s paperwork for the application for priesthood. This was in addition to everything else you have done, we are so grateful! God bless you always.Chris V.

Rosen Pitcher Dental Group
We want to take this time to thank you and the members of your practice for all of the work and support you provided over my daughters childhood years. Your professionalism and patient care are first rate, and our decision to leave the practice coincides with a decision for my wife and me to seek a new practice for ourselves and now our daughter is approaching adulthood. Thank you again for the great care that my daughter received through your practice!Rick P.

Dr. Pitcher and Staff
Thank you so much for seeing Mallory. We were so appreciative of the compassion that was given to her. Mary Beth and Mallory R.

Many, many thanks for taking care of Maya’s teeth during our recent trip to New York. I truly appreciate your compassionate care, time and willingness to squeeze Maya into your busy schedule. We were very fortunate to be able to be seen at your office. It is wonderful to see such a kid-friendly dental office. Jillian A.M. Helifax, Nova Scotia

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Pitcher
I would like to thank you for the 20 years of dental care that you have given to our children. It was always a positive experience for them when they care to your office. You and your staff were always very kind and professional.Steve and Colleen V.